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Swingers in Thailand

Being a swinger is fun

Are you a swinger or consider yourself to be involved in a Swingers relationship and live a Swingers lifestyle? You want to make a trip to Thailand, whether it be for business or a holiday but also want to have the same swinging fun that you have back at home?

Wonder what being a swinger is actually like?


Are you looking for a swingers bar in Phuket?

We have just the place for you.

Swingers bars can be exciting for newcomers and just straight out pleasurable for those who have been in the swinging scene for years. We welcome newcomers and those of all races and background.

Ideally swingers are usually between the age of 18 to 50, however we also see some swingers who are 50+ frequently visit us in Phuket, Thailand and they continue to have a fantastic time at our swingers club.

Swinging in Phuket has become a recent phenomenon as many European Farang men who have settled here have introduced the idea of swinging to their sexy Thai girlfriends. Being Thailand, and in particular Phuket, third Thai girls here have taken to swinging like a fish in water.

Safe swinging in Patong, Phuket, Thailand

Condom’s are encouraged and well provided at the Phuket Swinging bar so you can always feel safe in a fantastic environment.

swingers Phuket

Bangla already too boring for you?

How to contact swingers in Phuket?

If you are an adventurous single female, or couple willing to give swinging a go in Thailand please feel free to email us at where we can pair you up with other swingers in the area and let you know who else will be in Patong, Kata, Karon, Rawai, Kathu, Kamala and Phuket city at the same time of your stay.

Remember, this page is visited quite frequently and we get requests daily by adventurous sex thrill seekers who are holidaying in Phuket and looking to have a swinging good time with other holidaymakers in Thailand from around the world!

Single men, feel free to send us your details and your interest as we can send this off to the couples and see if they are of interest. We are going to let you know that more than likely this is not going to result in you having an experience with swingers here in Thailand, but you never know. There are some couples who are looking for guys just like you? Perhaps you are hung like a horse? Perhaps not? Either way, we can certainly give you tips on how to start your swinging lifestyle in Phuket,Thailand.

While swinging is more popular in the Phuket Region of Thailand, we also are currently being inundated with requests from swingers who currently either live in Bangkok and Chiang Mai and are looking for some playmates. So if you are in another region of Thailand and are looking to keep up with your swinging lifestyle or just to make new like-minded friends, or even to give swinging ago for your first time experience, you are also welcome to let us know where you are, who you will be with, and for how long you are planning to stay.

Below we will write a brief template for you awesome swingers to fill out an email into us where we can help you hook up with other like-minded swingers and get a party underway!

Fill out this form to get your Swingers experience in Phuket, Thailand underway!

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