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Most people who come to Chiang Mai have already spent a few days, a few vacations, or even a few months in Bangkok, Phuket, and Pattaya before they ever make their way to Chiang Mai. Once you arrive in Chiang Mai you will find that it is far different than the 3 other major tourist cities in Thailand. Outside of a few tourist areas, Chiang Mai is really untouched by outsiders. The level of English ability is much lower here, the average income of the population is lower, and the people here are far more conservative than Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket. That doesn’t mean Chiang Mai doesn’t have its own dirty little secrets, they just are not nearly as out in the open. Outside of your typical bar girls here and freelancers, the girls here are much more shy and less open to meeting a foreign guy. Of course it can be done, it just takes far more work!

Where to meet a Good Chiang Mai Girl

Chiang Mai has a much larger population percentage of “good girls” than Bangkok, Pattaya, or Phuket. A lot of the girls in Chiang Mai have never had a boyfriend until they are towards the end of their college career, or after graduating. Almost all younger girls will live at home with their parents until they are mid 20s. Most have extremely little interaction with foreigners and it seems like they do all they can to avoid them at all costs. But, like anywhere in the world, there is a small percentage who are highly interested in foreigners, and are open to dating them. They can be found in many places!

The best place to find a good Chiang Mai girl would be on the internet. There are 3 good dating sites and it’s easy enough to arrange a date with a good girl.

The next best place to meet a good girl would be at a night club in the CMU area. There are 3 good ones near CMU which are filled with students every night of the week. Once they get a little alcohol in them they are much more open to chatting with a foreigner.

Another good place to meet a good Chiang Mai girl is one of the many new malls here. It’s quite easy to chat up a mall employee or chat up someone at a coffee shop or ice cream shop. A good approach that works every time is to ask them for directions. A good Chiang Mai girl is very respectful and will try to help a foreigner out to the best of her (English) ability.

If your looking for girls of the night you might want to check out Chiang Mai Bar girls.

Best dating sites to meet Chiang Mai Girls

Thai Cupid

Still number 1 rank pretty much since the site started in Thailand and powered by cupid media the world’s largest online dating network Thai Love Links still has the most active profiles of any of the major 5 dating sites in Thailand. The site has a lot of long time users who don’t see a need to move to other sites.



Thai Love Lines

This website is not the most user-friendly but for sending emails it’s easy to use actually I like their chat feature better than what’s available on Thai Love Links just doesn’t have as many profiles however the girls on there are still worth seeking out. A lot of young inexperienced online dating girls are on this site.

Thai Friendly

A relatively new online dating site in Thailand is the largest free dating network of its kind. It appeals to both Thai’s and Farang but markets heavily on the Farang side which is likely the most profitable market in Thailand. While the site is free there is a 10 minute delay between each message that can be sent making it hard for spammers to operate and encourages you to become a member. Membership is relatively cheap though and the search features saves you a lot of time.

3 good places to stay in Chiang Mai

Mini Cost Guesthouse

Mini Cost Guesthouse

Mini Cost Guesthouse is probably the best value guesthouse within the old city. Located on soi 1 just a 1 minute walk to both Thapae Gate and the Sunday Market, the location cant be beat. Mini Cost Guesthouse offers free wifi in every room and common areas, has a restaurant and food on site, a very friendly, English speaking staff, and excellent rooms for the price. Read More –>>

U Chiang Mai Hotel

U Chiang Mai Hotel

The U Chiang Mai Hotel is the best all around hotel in Chiang Mai when considering all factors such as location, price, value, cleanliness, and the room itself. The price is slightly high/medium but the U Chiang Mai Hotel is literally located dead center of the city where all of the action is. The facilities include free wifi in all common areas and in each room, they have a restaurant, pool, and fittness center. They also rent bikes on site. Read More –>>

Shangri-La Hotel

Shangri-La Hotel

Shangri-La Hotel is probably the most famous and known as the classiest hotel in Chiang Mai. This is where all the famous Thai actors and singers stay. Shangri-La Hotel offers the best fitness center in Chiang Mai, as well as great restaurants and an excellent pool. They also provide free wifi in every room as well as the common areas. Most rooms also provide fantastic views of Doi Sutep. Read More –>>

Chiang Mai University Girls

The best area to meet Chiang Mai University girls is the Nimmanhemin area right next to Chiang Mai University. This is the area where all the students live, work, and play! There are hundreds of little restaurants, coffee shops, malls, mini marts, bars, and nightclubs in this area, so no matter how you prefer to approach a girl, you can easily find it here.

Warm Up Cafe is a nightclub in the Nimmanhemin area and its the perfect place to meet a Chiang Mai University girl. Warm Up Cafe is literally packed with uni girls every night of the week, and they are all very approachable (thanks to plenty of alcohol in their systems). Another good nightclub to check out is Infinity. The crowd here is slightly younger, and the club is very dark, but still a great place to pick up girls.

If nightclubs are not your thing, a new shopping mall just opened in the Nimmanhemin area. The mall is called Maya and it is loaded with university students. Maya is a very trendy place to go and hang out, grab coffee, and dinner. A lot of university students even come here just to beat the heat with the free AC and use the free wifi. You will not have a hard time finding Chiang Mai University students at Maya.

Meeting girls in Chiang Mai Nightclubs

Meeting girls in Chiang Mai nightclubs are not nearly as easy as it is in Pattaya, Bangkok, or Phuket because the girls are much more conservative, and have a much lower level of English ability. That being said, it is not an impossible task. The standard way to aproach a girl in a Chiang Mai nightclub is to walk up and “cheers” them, or, as they say in Thai “chon gaow”. This really helps with the shyness of the girls here, and it really is the standard way to approach a girl, you will see it done many times by the Thai guys. Once you “cheers” the girl, the best case scenerio is you speak to them in Thai, this is a huge advantage and is the ideal situation. Most likely you do not speak Thai, so you’re best bet is to make VERY BASIC conversation, almost like you are speaking to a 4 year old kid, the conversation should go something like this “hi” “how are you” “are you having fun” “what is your name”. Even questions like “are you a student?” will probably be too advanced for 75% of the crowd, especially when they are intoxicated and the music is loud. As the saying goes “keep it simple stupid” and you are sure to pick up a good girl.