Do Thai Girls prefer bigger Penises? | Thai Girls

Do Thai Girls prefer bigger Penises?

Do Thai Girls like big Dick’s?


Of course they do! Just like any girl – Thai Girls LOVE a big banana. Most Western men who visit Thailand are fortunate enough to have themselves a very big and thick rod, one that gives immense pleasure to the Thai Lady that they are pumping! But not all men who go to Thailand can satisfy their Thai lady. Meet Indian men;

do thai girls like big dicks

Mostly, Thai girls love a penis as big as a horse. Thai Girls ultimately love a good fisting!

Do Indian Men have Small Penis’s?

YES!! Indian men have genetically been given smaller sized penises in contrast with Western Men. We surveyed 100 Thai Ladies and asked them about their male partners penis size and Girth. Over 90 of the ladies said that the Indian Men had a very small penis size, and not one Indian men that they had ever had sex with had ever ‘touched the sides’ – Indian men have very small dicks!

Do indian men have small sized penises

Indian men are very upset and depressed because they were born with smaller sized penises than the rest of the worlds population – it’s just an unfrotunate fact of life!

Alarmingly over 60 of the 100 Thai Girls surveyed also stated, that even if Jesus Christ did bless an Indian men with a large cock, the Thai Girls would still not sleep with Indian men because of the Stench that a Indian or Pakistani man gives off. Thai girls are very ‘put off’ by the Indian man’s Hygiene most of all, even before they have to worry about the Indian man’s small little penis. Thai Girls really hate Indian men – But Indian’s having a small penis size is not their only worry!

do indian men have small dicks

Thai girls prefer a penis that has a good average length – The Thai Girls that were surveyed said that Indian Men have the smallest penises they have ever seen!


Indian men have Small, Stinky and Dirty peckers!

On top of all this, 34 of the Thai girls Surveyed admitted to having a Sexually Transmitted Disease in their life, while 85% of those claimed they believe they had contracted the Sexually Transmitted Disease by an Indian Sex Tourist.

A Staggering 93% of Indian men who visit Thailand enter the country, carrying a S.T.D. This is very concerning, considering that 98% of all Indian men who travel to India, do so for nothing other than being a Thailand Sex Tourist. Indian men are mainly dirty mongrels.

27% of Indian men are also HIV+ – This is a severe issue as they are leaving India to spread their strain of HIV all over Thailand.

Indian men are filthy

This man goes to Thailand and expects beautiful Thai Ladies to have sex with him! Why are Indian men so dirty?


Indian Men – How to get Thai Girls.

Most importantly, have a shower. Instead of having a light Shower once or twice a month, consider having a shower or a bath daily. This is going to be hard to get into the habit for at first, but your friends and family will be very impressed at your new attitude to cleanliness and personal hygiene!

Penis Enlargement Surgery in Thailand

Penis enlargement surgery has become very popular in recent times in many Bangkok Hospitals in Thailand.

“The procedure is well worth it at $5000 USD, I just had my grandfather lend me some money to get involved in Investment Property in New Delhi, but I had other ideas on what to spend the money on! He doesn’t know that I had desires to get a bigger penis by surgery, but I am happy with what Doctor Sommai Tongprasert has done for Penis – Adding this extra 1.5cm’ s in length and girth for me has already increased my confidence – I Can’t wait to test it on some Thai Girl’s in Bangkok!’, Said an excited Raj, Kumar.

Indian man with Penis Enlargemnt Surgery in Bangkok Thailand

Raj Kumar, 24 is extremely happy with the results from his recent Penis Enlargemnt Surgery in Bangkok! Loving life with an extra 15mm to play around with!

Penis Pumps to Consider to Penis Enlargment Surgery

Consider Penis enlargement surgery or buying yourself a penis pump –  A non-surgical way of getting a bigger penis to really satisfy the Thai Ladies and Lady Boys with!

thai girls surveyed about average penis size

The Thai Girls that were surveyed wish that you have a safe trip to Thailand, and an even safer penis enlargement surgery in Thailand

Best of luck on your trip to Thailand!




9 Responses to Do Thai Girls prefer bigger Penises?

  1. Jack April 25, 2016 at 11:10 am #

    Most stupid article of the year. It’s straight from garbage of pseudo journalism. The author must have really lot of psychological problems.

    • Thai Girl April 26, 2016 at 7:45 am #

      At least the Article is 100% correct! Thai Girls like big dicks!

  2. Omgfunny January 14, 2017 at 7:22 am #

    Asian men and haha males are so darn ugly. HAHA MEN LOOK DEFORMED!

  3. Glen January 24, 2017 at 10:20 pm #

    lol… I am a guy from India. Got referred to this post from my friend and I do have to agree to some points in this article… Then again these guys are the minority in India, who are ever hungry for sex, can’t date a women properly and are sobs that they catch a flight from India to go to Bangkok just to have sex. So what can you expect from them lol..

    Also one question that I have is, it the author a Thai person who got tricked by an Indian assh*le..

    If you want the good Indians who are hygienic and are culturally bound then one has to go to India and search lol.

    Just like there are good Thai girls in Thailand there are good Indians in India.

  4. Glen January 24, 2017 at 10:26 pm #

    Also this is one of the most interesting website I came across in recent times.. lol

  5. Bharat April 7, 2017 at 5:11 am #

    Very less Indians from reputed families visit thailand . This place is like a brothel for (poor )Indians . It’s very cheap to be in thailand and sex is also cheep there . Different companies provide thailand trip as a promotional event for them . rich Indians from reputed families genrally visit better countries. And prostitution is like the last thing that will come in an Indians mind . Anyways exceptions are always there with a population of125 cr we can match any numbers being the minimum in percentage..

  6. KM April 10, 2018 at 7:42 am #

    shame, I am not indian but at the border. This article is not justified. Everywhere there is good and bad. Do thai men are.with good bananas!? and Asians!? Is Thailand in Europe, Australia or America!?


    Indians take water after toilet, most European and Americans don’t, who are more clean!?


  7. ThankMeLatter August 14, 2018 at 3:24 am #

    Simple… “ cheap Indians” don’t stand a chance against a handsome white Prince Charming looking guy.. a white guys spend the money on a beautiful Thai girl.. Indian Curry’s stink..white guys take them to dinner in good places, shower 1-2 times daily and drive German/Italian cars.. not dawoo or cheap jap cars.. a Thai girl with a good white will be wined dined and 69’d! And he will love her long time.. not treat her like a hooker.. if she good he will marry her and take her as a wife..

    Deal with it stinky Indian bitch!

  8. Steve August 28, 2020 at 10:44 pm #

    Thai girls like big dicks..? Not the ones I’ve known as more than friends… A old French Canadian gf referred to me as “healthy”, for what that’s worth.
    My Thai wife doesn’t enjoy sex with me much, same reason, I give her cramps and it hurts. I the 7 years I’ve been here (Thailand) and number of pros and regular chicks I’ve bonked, only a couple of the pros seemed comfortable with my wang, otherwise they couldn’t have the whole thing in them. Not big noting myself, just a observation of shagging Thai women.

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