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Chiang Mai Bar Girls

Where to find Bar girls in Chaing Mai

Well, I could draw this list out, but its best to just keep it simple and to the basics. Once you are in Chiang Mai you will understand. There are really 3 main places to go to pick up a bar girl, and they really come in order depending on what time it is.

7pm-1am you will want to be on Loi Kroh Road. Loi Kroh Road is the “walking street” of Chiang Mai. Loi Kroh is loaded with bars and girls yelling at you to come buy a beer. You literally have your choice of hundreds of bar girls, and they are much easier to chat with and much more laid back than the bars and girls in Pattaya, Bangkok, or Phuket. Also, much cheaper.

1am-3am is when you head to Zoe in Yellow. The Loi Kroh bars close at 1 and EVERYONE heads to Zoe. At Zoe you will see an open air night club with tons of people dancing inside, if you walk to the other side of the club, where all the tables are, the bar girls all sit in the tables next to the club, more than 30 of them. You can also find them sitting around the bar inside of the open air club. They are all very easy to chat to, just walk up and say hi!

3am-6am Everyone then goes from Zoe in Yellow to Spicy club. Spicy is the ultimate bar girl hook up place in Chiang Mai. Outside of the foreign tourist girls there, the rest are bar girls specifically looking for a man. Its extremely easy to hook up here.