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Night Clubs in Phuket

Night Clubs in Phuket


Phuket is the largest island of Thailand in the Andaman Sea. The southeastern Phuket has the Chalong bay that is the largest harbor for boats going to the Phi Phi and other such islands. Tourists do not visit interior of Phuket a lot. It has mangrove forests, fishing villages, fruit plantations.

Everybody across the world knows the Western Phuket area. This area has a wide variety of beaches. Patong, one of the major cities in western Phuket is the party capital of Asia.

Night Clubs in Phuket

Night Clubs in Phuket

The range of nightlife activities in Phuket is never ending. One has so many options of getting entertained it will never be disappointing. Almost all the tourist areas have bars where people can enjoy their drinks till wee times. However, to get the experience of discos and nightclubs in Phuket, one has to visit the city of Patong that is major tourist attractions. It has the most vibrant atmosphere of loud music, neon lights and the company of party lovers.

The five most famous nightclubs in the Patong area are Seduction Nightclub, Hollywood discotheque Patong, Banana Disco And Bar, Tai Pan Phuket, New Tiger Disco.

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The Seduction Nightclub is located on the main entertainment area in Phuket. It is one among the largest discotheques in Patong area. The club is known to play the latest music and people can dance to the beat all night long. It is a great place to party, meet new people and making friends.

Hollywood Discotheque is another club that offers an opportunity to party all night. It is a themed club that has new and different themes every week. The staff and customers are encouraged to wear costumes in line with the theme of the week. The common themes are Pirates Of The Caribbean Theme or Moulin Rouge. This club also offers free drinks to the ladies attracting a large number of female customers.

Banana Disco is one of the best-known clubs in Patong that is facing the beach and has an outdoor bar facing the disco. It also has a live band till midnight making it a good place to have drinks. They have a dance floor on the top with bright lights and colors. On the bottom floor is a bar that serves some classic cocktails, which are absolutely delicious.

Tai Pan Phuket, another of Phuket’s best nightclubs is an all in one center. It has hot dancers twirling on chrome poles with live music till midnight. It has a under lit dancing floor with disco balls and a lot of space for bar sitting.

Tiger Disco is located on Patong beach. The main source of entertainment in this club is meeting girls, live music and partying. The bar girls in this disco try to convince their customers to hang around at the bar for as long as they want to. More time a customer is spending sitting around the bar, better for the girl serving him. The girls try to make friends with the customers, offer more drinks and sometimes also get intimate with them. It also has a classier place to dine and drink on the other side.

Other hot spots of Phuket, which keeps the atmosphere alive, are Bangla road, Go-Go bars, cabaret shows.

Bangla road becomes alive once the sun sets. The road is closed to traffic at nights and is full of loud music, neon lights, sexy girls and cheap beers.

Go-Go bars, another tourist attraction, are places where girls dance on stage and perform mischievous dances. The girls are often scantily dressed, sexy and young performing to music.

Cabaret shows are performed by lady boy performers, which are very popular and attract a lot of audiences. The lady boys are very attractive and it is hard to tell the difference between them and women. At these cabarets beautiful costumes, bright colored clothes and lights, brilliant sound systems and very lavish sets are used making it a dramatic burlesque.

Other great aspects of Phuket nightlife are Beer bars where girls invite men to have drinks with them and more, lady drinks where ladies are offered drinks by customers and the more drinks one offers the more attention he will get, the hanging bell which is hung in every bar. If one pulls the rope attached to the bell, the person has to buy everybody at the bar next round of drinks.

A set of small bottles called Hang and Wakie are available at every convenience store in Phuket, The hang drink is to be taken before beginning to drink and Wakie, the next morning. It seems to make wonders with the hangover. There is also the famous Ping-Pong show where the ladies make use of the Ping-Pong balls in the ways not seen or thought of before.

Phuket is one of the most visited places in Thailand and is a major attraction for it vibrant atmosphere. People who like drinking, dancing and partying will never with the nightlife in this part of Thailand.

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