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Night Clubs in Pattaya

Night Clubs in Pattaya


Pattaya is a city on Thailand’s eastern Gulf coastline recognized for an enthusiastic nightlife scene that appeals global tourists, vacationers from Bangkok. It was a peaceful fishing township up until 1960s; it’s now creased with resort guesthouses, condos and a huge seaside mall. Pattaya’s beaches have water sports as Jet skiing and parasailing, which are very famous among foreigners.

Night Clubs in Pattaya

Night Clubs in Pattaya

One of the most famous areas of Pattaya is the walking street. Pattaya is not only famous for its Go Go bars, Street hookers and beer bars. It also has some nightclubs that are perfect for its tourist population especially in the walking street.

The nightclubs are always full of tourists and packed at nights all days in a week. There are also Thai girls in these bars looking to hook up with the foreign tourists. However, there are also Thai girls who are out to have fun and not to make any money at all.

One of the most famous nightclubs on the walking street is Club Insomnia. It has two different parts, one of which is the Bar Insomnia and the other is Club Insomnia. Bar Insomnia have pool tables and a terrace, which is facing a very beautiful seaside scene. The Club Insomnia has sexy coyote dancers and is busy around midnight. People can buy the dancers lady drink, which are drinks offered to the dancers so they spend time with you.

If unsure of what one wants to spend their evening doing, dancing, drinking or play pool, the walking street club is exactly the place they want to be. It is very hard to miss this place as it has a giant red car at the top of the entrance.


Marine Disco is one the biggest club on the walking street. It has seven pool tables, which cover most of the club area. It is mostly filled with tourists who want to spend time with Thai girls. They have live music on weekends and is pretty full at those times.

The Pier, very famous for its dancers has amazing laser shows. The dancers dance enthusiastically on six stages. Those who are not dancing are available to spend time with the customers if one pays.  This is a place for large groups as the booths to sit are bog and single people will have to stay at the bar.

Mixx Discotheque often voted as the best club of Pattaya has two sections, the Rouge club and the Crystal Palace.  The club is very fancy looking and has the most modern designs. It also very famous among travelers but local girls are also spotted enjoying in this club.

The Hollywood, another club in Pattaya is a fun place to be. It is a little pricy than the other clubs. Go Go girls love to come to this club to earn some extra money. This club has a truck, which goes around the city promoting the club. This method of advertising seems to be doing good to the club. It seems to attract a lot of Asian people without a proper known reason.

The Blues factory is not a club per se but the best place to enjoy live music in Pattaya. It is not a place to pick up girls, but a place where people can have a good time with their partner or other girls. They have a good bar menu and serve different kinds of cocktails for decent price.

Besides the nightclubs, people can enjoy the cabaret shows on the Walking Street. Pattaya is famous for its lady-boy shows. The shows are glamorous where the dances are well choreographed, outfits are brilliant and performers are very talented. The surroundings are extravagant and is a must watch.

Planet Earth Beach Club is a club in Pattaya very famous for its beach parties. It has DJ’s, sun loungers, big swimming pool, and swimwear for sale, foam machine. It is very common to enjoy parties here among the rick youngsters in Thailand as well as tourists. It is very close to the Jomtien beach and hence one can gain a full experience of beach party at this place. It is open only in the peak seasons that attract a lot of tourists. The party begins somewhere around noon and is on till the next day morning.

The nightlife of Pattaya is what makes it the best place to visit when one wants to party on their vacation. They have ton on choices for fun and entertainment in pubs, bars, discotheques and transsexual cabarets, karaoke bars, Go Go bars and so on. The local streets close by 6 pm and then begin the nightlife.











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