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Night Clubs in Bangkok

Best Nightclubs in Bangkok

nightclubs in bangkok

nightclubs in bangkok

Bangkok, which is the capital of Thailand, is the top most tourist spot. It is best known for its shrines, food, roof top hotels and very vibrant nightlife.
Bangkok’s rooftop hotels and bars, the nightclubs and fashionable cocktail bars are one of the main reasons why people enjoy the nightlife there. Most visited places in Bangkok are the Khao San road and Soi Rambuttri .

Khao San road is a street in Bangkok that offers its tourist some cheaper options to lodge, dine and party at. It also has shops for handicraft products, fruits, paintings and many backpacking articles. It is however, most famous as an epicenter of partying and dancing.

Soi Rambuttri is another street in Bangkok located very closely to the Khao San Street. It has big leafy banyan trees and is occupied mostly by local people, though the tourists prefer to live there as well these days. This street also has hotels, eateries, bars and street food shops.
Nightlife in Bangkok is fabulous. The city is vivacious all the days in the week. It has the most renowned super clubs and underground haunts attracting celebrators from all places of the globe. One can enjoy every forte of melodic crusade in Bangkok, from classic to hip-hop to simple drum and bass.
The best-known clubs in Bangkok are Ku De Ta, Levels Club and lounge, Route 66, Demo, Grease Night club.
Ku De Ta is a high profile club in Bangkok. The view from this club is very impressive. The cityscape can be seen from this club as well as the Chao Phraya River. It can called a destination of lifestyle as it has two restaurants, a wonderful nightclub and a centrally situated cocktail bar. Each party gets a private elevator to go to the top floors and a private escort who guides them to their desired sitting. It is an all in one place, where one can get delicious food, few drinks and dance space to move on the beats.

Levels club and lounge provides a threesome experience in one go. It has a terraced bar, a very elegant lounge and a club which has the best sound system in the city. It has an open bar with standing stool and places to sit against glass faced balcony. This club has two discrete dancing areas, a high ceilinged food place which mostly plays hip-hop music. It also has an option of sitting in booths and enjoying drinks.
Thursdays are ladies night at Levels and hence sees a lot of female rush during this time. The club has effectively merged the relaxed classiness of an uncluttered cocktail bar, the shimmer of a lounge club, and the wildness of a dance club.
Route 66, is known for its wild parties. There are two options for people to choose from when they enter this club. One option is to listen to hip hop music while the other is to hear the old songs from the 70’s and latest Thai hits. On weekends the club opens another room, which plays electronic music, pop music from Thai culture and a pump house. This club is popular with student population and most of the customers are Thai. One thing missing from this club is a dance floor.
Demo is located in the central part of Bangkok. It has doodles on the walls made of brick, shutters as door and a very trendy look. There are two rooms in this club; one full of neon light, which plays hip-hop music while the other, is a field of complete electro music. There is also an outdoor area for people who want to sit and chat.
Grease Nightclub is a four-floored club, which has something for everybody from a full-fledged clubbing experience to a rooftop best view sittings. It has its own restaurant, a big dance floor, rooftop lounge and live music. The ground floor has a restaurant, which serves Mediterranean and Thai food. On the floor above is a nightclub that has one of the best dance floors in Bangkok. They play eclectic musical tracks, which consist mostly of drum and bass. The floor above that has a place for live music and the top most floor has a shisha bar, which is in the open. They have a policy of getting the shoes off before entering and have beanbags and basket chairs to sit on.
Nightclubs in Bangkok are diverse as the populations of the people visiting. Maximum places are hassle-free and don’t ordinarily have a dress code. However, one won’t be spotted in shorts and flip-flops in these clubs. Almost all the clubs require an Identification proof to enter and they are very strict about it. Once one knows where to go, how to dress and what to carry they are set to enjoy the nightlife that Bangkok offers its tourists.

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