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Phuket Girls Do It

Phuket girls are usually not girls from the island, they come from everywhere into southern Thailand to make some cash. Since every day aircrafts are bringing hundreds of guys to the airport who only have two things in mind, beach and women. Don’t come here with a girlfriend, otherwise you probably miss all the pretty ones who want to mingle with the foreign guys, they are actively chasing them.

What could be better as a great Thailand vacation, with fun, drinks, nightlife, swimming, sunbathing, scuba, snorkeling and let the legs dangle.The sun is shining, the Andaman Sea sends the emerald waters in, its hot and maybe you take a beach massage, you have a nice Thai lady with you and everything is fine, sounds like paradise?

Go east, just as European, Indian and other trader and adventurer from the middle east have done since hundreds of years, today it’s not trading it’s tourism.

Your first encounter with positive thinking women will probably be at a bar or nightclub at Patong Beach, down town or another beach area on the island. Just have a look at our pictures to give you an idea what’s waiting at your eastern adventure.

Phuket girls are so sexy, but you need to know where to find the right ones!

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Enjoy great pics of beautiful Asian women, in nice bikinis are among other. If you are from the other end of the spectrum, you will find gay bars and lesbian contact places. At certain bars, called “café” you can find lesbians and some models in beautiful outfits, there is usually some karaoke going on and the petty once are singing on stage, if you like one pay a flower garland and she will sit with you, the same is with the guys.

What happen after is up to you and here. Do dating on location in the nightlife scene, maybe at a bar or nightclub, this has a high chance for a successful end.Since this kind is always speed dating, its fun for everyone, they invent continuous ideas how to empty your wallet.

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Get a Happy Ending Massage in Phuket

We have girls all over the Phuket island happy and ready and waiting for you to either come to their Rawai shop, or visit you in your Patong Hotel room. If you are wanting a rub and tug, erotic massage with even a golden shower or a rim job let the happy ending Phuket massage girls know.

Go on, you’re in Thailand, you know you want to.

Maybe you can even find Thai brides

Some guys meet the girls in phuket and what happens next and to dozens of foreigners every year. Since they are always short of cash what could be a better solution as to get a foreigner into the boat or rather bed.

It needs to be aware that almost all people think all foreigners are millionaires (no yoke) and look at them a ATM machines on two legs strict according to Thai philosophy “same same – but different” got the message?

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The women have a high pressure to be successful when they travel to the south to earn some money since at home, somewhere in the north, usually a family is waiting since other incomes are rather little.What most of this “clever” people somewhere in western countries, hard hit by their “unclever” moralistic ideas don’t know and obviously don’t want to know is, the womens have a high profile social function, they are the one who bring the money so that 3 generations in one house in the north have something to eat.

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Maybe buying a scooter, maybe a TV, a mobile phone etc.. In Thailand no work no money, there is no “social swing” where some lazy people in Europe etc. go when there is no income.

Pics tell more about it.

They have a good image, are very cooperative and try to please the guy, naturally there are exceptions but usually the encounter is positive.

The pretty things working after sunset come in many variants, at bars, massage, go go also called coyote and so on.

Just see the photos here the tell much more, throughout this website tons of pictures are on the pages.

This cute sexy things have an exotic touch, although not so tall and mostly skinny they are good companions by any means, see the girl pics here they tell more about.

Pictures are often real eye candy just what plenty of foreign guys on vacation are searching for and the ladies usually show a positive resonance when approached at the tourist night spots on the island.

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Almost all  have one or more tattoos, this is very popular and plenty of parlors are in the tourist areas such as Patong beach, Karon Beach and Kata.

Every year hundreds of tourists get a great one stitched into the skin, most  artists do a excellent job within a good and clean environ.

You can meet a pretty lady at various locations, browsing the shopping malls at bypass road is a good idea.

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Dozens of them are hanging around, playing with their mobile phone, some are working there some are there just because they have nothing to do.With a bit of an effort a date is almost certain, just try, don’t think about the language barrier, some smile will crash the wall. It also  won’t need any  particular preparation the only thing required is some money, that’s the way it is.

The fasted, most efficient and easiest way to meet is visit the nightclubs of Patong, down town and the various beach areas at the island.Most are free girls, means they don’t have a boyfriend since they are usually also not from the island they come to find a job in the tourist business and at low season many travel to their villages upcountry to hibernate and when it gets cool they know the tourists are coming.

They take the bus from their nearest town to the capital and enter the bus Bangkok to Phuket, Baht 670,- and 12 hour drive.

It is so difficult to describe Phuket girls,

almost everything is somehow related to money. There is no mystery associated with them, its money and “Sanook”, that means fun. Thai culture is one of the easiest going in the world and they are at the front-end.

They don’t think to much about everything so do the same and naturally as indicated before real time dating at a bar or nightclub eases the tension because the lady know exactly what you want and I guess

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At a town nightclub which is a massage shop now

you know that she know, so? Because very often this “tiny angles” are not so big and look very young, but actually they usually are not very young, they only look like because they got wrong nutrition in the past, from rice and vegetables and some chicken no person really grows, the most important is, don’t think to much.Another type are the ladies working in the massage saloons at Patong and Phuket Town notable Patong Christine and at the Pearl Hotel in the town.