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Thai Bar Girls

Thai bar girls know very well how to nose the guys who come from countries where the girls tell them get lost when he wants to get a bit closer. A great bar lady in Thailand won’t allow such embarrassments and they know how to create a relaxed atmosphere. They think about “Sanook” which means fun to have a great time.

When entering a bar zone, it won’t matter if in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phuket, Sadao or Hat Yai among other you enter pleasure just look at the pics here they tell more than words.

At this places they are are tuned to play the game to lure the foreigner into funny games with the final destination a hotel somewhere where things can be done. Here you will find visual help to get to know the nightlife show to virtually watering your mouth with realistic backed up imaginations of sexy games, beach life, massage and lots of pleasure.

It is always interesting to watch the foreign guys

in Thailand when Thai Bar Girls are approaching, even when there several female blondes around they ignore them because they know they cant make a hit anyway, but with cute Thai ladies the guys know they can do it, who wants to have trouble? When on holidays in Thailand what for to put a lot of effort, its speed dating in real time since the time is short, means precious.

Thai Bar Girls

Thai Bar Girls

I guess you know where the “Music Plays”, it plays with Thai ladies.

Thailand is a great country and one the absolute highlights are Thai ladies, after come the beaches, the warm tropical water of the Andaman Sea, a open minded culture plus tasty food and this is not only Thai food, its totally international just as travelers who come to the country. Its not paradise but it’s a nice, uncomplicated environment and there are more and more guys to travel to Thailand and the islands to try to get an adventure with a beautiful women.
Pattaya Bar Girls and Go Go Dancer
Pattaya Bar Girls and Go Go Dancer

Aside of so called “farangs” this are the “western” type guys, are myriads of people from south Asia, the middle east and other Arab countries plus Chinese, Israeli, south Africans, Japanese, Korean and in recent years people from Russia and the countries of the former USSR.

They all come for a great holiday and most guys venture out for something more. The bar scene is just the right stuff for a limited time and the fact is all this is vice versa, Thai ladies are actively interested to meet foreigners for various purposes and one of the main reason is money, that’s a fact and nothing can work around this.

Bar Girls in Bangkok

Bangkok bar girls
Bangkok is home to the largest population of bar girls in Thailand. There are tons of Chiang girls, skimpy dressed girls and girls for sale on just about every block in the city. Keep in mind though, most of these girls are mainly in Thai style bars with pretty much Thai clientele only. If you are a foreigner who doesnt speak much Thai, you will really want to focus on 4 key areas if you are in search for Bangkok Bar girls.

Bar Girls in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

Bar Girls in Phuket

Phuket Bar Girls

Bar Girls in Pattaya

Pattaya bar girls