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Phuket bar girls

doing their jobs at the bars at Phuket Town, Patong, Karon, Kata Beach and other places on the island are usually not from Phuket. They come from northern Thailand or the provinces around the island which is Ranong, Phang Nga, Krabi and even as far down as Trang and Phattalung. Many try to move away from home as far as possible to be sure nobody at home know of their business.

Patong bar girls

hang around as bar girls do but different people have different ideas about the same subject. What they all have in common  is to entertain the foreigners and get some money in return. Most foreigners are so called “farangs” this are the type of people like the ones coming from Europe and elsewhere.

Go go dancer

are always short of cash they are rather on the positive side for some pleasure times. It is very easy to meet the ladies or Patong bar girls since this is the center of nightlife gravity, to get a bit closer at speed dating is no problem.

Here are bar pictures

is Bangla Road at Patong, there are several thousand ladies every evening trying to get a share of the nightlife cake. There are other type of bars at Phuket Town, this are “Café’s”, more karaoke style and also with dozens of pretty girls who do some singing at a stage and entertain the guests. The guests are not only guys but also ladyboys and lesbian’s since about 40% of the girls working in this places are also on the lesbian side, just have a close look at out pictures they tell more what’s going on.

– At Bangla road

and the side streets are go go bars in Thailand called coyote,the girls are dancing the whole time from evening into the late morning, actually always about 5 ladies dance one set after another group move in, this way there is always some action and entertainment.

– Bar ladies

are for partying with some great bar girls and maybe do some more after. This is entertainment by any means and not only for the men, there is a very active ladyboy and lesbian scene too. At Patong around the Paradise Hotel are dozens of gay bars and lounges, the guys also do go go.

That’s the right environment to have fun in the night, maybe you remember the song from “Hot Chocolate” “that’s the way aha I like it”.

The usual entertainment at many bars is go go dancing or coyote dancing. The ladies like it, the guests like, that’s a perfect match and also give the dance the possibility to show what she has.


Bar ladies at Buddy Cafe at Phuket Town

Bar Ladies at Pink Lady Cafe Phuket Town

Phuket Girls at Pink Lady 2002 Phuket Town


coyote dancing

nightclub entertainment


– Many coyote dancer

have amazing assets in the upper front and the center, that lat many guys start dreaming of some games a bit later. The bar ladies are usually positive on that, so don’t by shy everyone likes it.

Its not like at home where the girls tell you, get lost, when you get a bit closer.

Coyote is popular in the country and other other countries worldwide such as Manila, almost every big city in the US such as Miami and LA has some go go bars. Actually this together with pole dancing is all more or less the same. Sometimes the dancers also do just some kind of belly dance and hold the pole, its exotic, sexy, a great aerobic exercise plus lot of fun.

Here this dancing is somehow freestyle everyone does what she like holding the pole is only for stability. This variants of dancing moved into mainstream years ago after the ladies found out, via aerobic, that this is a great way to loose some kilos Patong bar girls do the same.

Before it had the stigma of nightclub entertainment only now its exercise to shake kilos off. Dance costumes are mostly styled sexy.

 go go dancing

– Thailand bar girls

are different in this kind of behavior and the guys really enjoy this.

Just look as this pretty nightclub lady who has something to eat from the shop across the road, that’s at Phuket Town.

Thailand bar girls are her to entertain the guys and they like to be entertained from them. Sometime they move into one of the VIP rooms which are small karaoke bars by themselves, it’s amazing how many like karaoke and a nightclub show.

Phuket Girl, her name is cat

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