Pattaya Bar Girls are at the front end | Thai Girls

Pattaya Bar Girls are at the front end

Pattaya Bar Girls come from all part of Thailand, the job promises some cash without lots of knowledge. They are good to create a nice atmosphere where the foreigners feel good and spend some money. The ladies are mainly at the fun zones around Pattaya walking street, the side alleys and along beach road , actually at Pattaya Beach Road are mainly freelancer ladyboys.

It’s always amazing how many people like ladyboys. Have a beer at one of the open air bars and a smiling bar lady will approach and try to get things going, they are here for business and some “Sanook” which means fun.

Just have a look at the photos and bar girls pics they tell much more and just forget all this silly rumors and negative headlines they always bang out in the “western media” about the city, the media people usually try to make an “elephant out of every mouse”.


About Pattaya bars

and nightlife they evidently don’t know anything what’s really go on here and in Thailand in general. Pattaya was created as a recreation place for the guys during the Vietnam war after the GI’s went away and the tourists came in and the latest development in this direction is, Russians, Indian, Arab, Israeli and more are moving in to have some good days with Thai ladies, ladyboys, at the beach or just hang around at a beer bar, maybe a sports bar and fill the body with beer or other liquid. They have a couple of excellent spirits, such as Regency Brandy which is second to none to ant cognac. Plus some wines make in Thailand, but the main drink is beer, such as Singha Beer, Leo Beer, Heineken and more. All i can say is beware of Pattaya Girls

pattaya go go bars
Pattaya go go bars at walking street

Nightlife ladies
Nightlife ladies

Bar Girl

go go bars

Nightlife ladies and go go bar

pictures give a better idea what’s going on and what you can expect on your next holiday to Pattaya. We also have some videos. Pattaya bar girls can be real erotic with a soft touch, they all are here to please the foreigners and get some cash in exchange and if the guy coming in from the cold somewhere in Europe or other countries he can be sure here is a hot place with hot girls and if the guy like the ladies come a bit closer and maybe very close somewhere in a hotel.

Walking Street Ladies

Pattaya walking street

with the open air bars and other establishments and the extension into beach road  is the best location for partying until late and there are always some ladies around who “help” partying, its like a never ending party, if you like and the sheer mass of entertainment, bar, girls bars, gay bars, go go bars, restaurants and fun is overwhelming, its very similar to other places in Thailand such as Patpong, Phuket nightlife, Hat Yai, Sadao, Hua Hin and elsewhere.

go go bars

For a bar girl

to take with you some hotels charge a fee, others don’t, check your hotel reception they tell. There are also dedicated short time hotels for a about Baht 400,- for three hours. Our pictures tell more than any text can. Its sun, beach, pleasure and a sexy time a go go bars.

Russian girls Pattaya
Pattaya Russian bar girls

Russian girls Pattaya

is the newest trend for ladies working in the nightlife business. Guys from India and the middle east are really after them since the .


gay bars
Gay bars in the town center


girls are usually tall, pretty, blond and have a positive attitude. When in this area it makes some sense to travel to Cambodia,its just a few hours by bus and its cheap, just a few dollars you could have a look at Siem Reap and Angkor Cambodia, Sihanoukville or maybe have a look at Phnom Penh bar girls, at all this places are also cute ladies in the nightlife business.