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Bars Girls Phuket

Bars Girls Phuket


The kind of bar girls one meets in Phuket can vary. They can be someone who wants to be a girlfriend for the vacations while others may want to accompany the guests for like a few hours or a night. There is a way to know if a girl wants to be a girlfriend or just someone who is there to spend the night with. If the girl gets up in the morning and stays, it means she wants to be a vacation girlfriend. However, it is not compulsory for the man to be with a girl and make her a vacation girlfriend. If he wants to meet other girls and spend time alone or in another company of a different girl, he can just ask the girl to leave.

It is very easy to get company of a girl in Patong. They are available any time of the year. It is a paradise for men of any age, young as well as old.

There are more than hundred bars in and around the Soi Bangla and in the entire Patong area. There are bars everywhere and one can get a cold beer and enjoy the company of beautiful Thai girls who work there. These girls are very interested in playing the bar games and chat with their customers all night. Only thing they expect is to get more customers to buy them drinks. It is a win-win situation for the customers who get good time with the girls, the girls who get free dinks and the bar owner who is making a lot of money.


If one meets a girl in the bar and wants to take her out before the bar closes, then a fine should be paid to the bar owner. This is a must because the bar owner will make less money that could possibly be made by the girl getting him more customers.  These girls can also be found in other discos and bars after their working hours and they will be willing to spend time with the customers after hours. That way, the customer will not have to pay a bar fine.


There are also some free lancers who do not work for any particular bars but spend time in different bars looking for a handsome man they can go home with.  They are on their own and hence in a better position to leave with someone whenever they want.


Many girls in the bars and even freelancers know simple English. They can communicate up to a level that can be understood. Girls learn English only to be able to converse with their customers. Very rarely a girl knowing proper, colloquial English will be seen.


Bar girls display certain rather reliable behavior and appealing traits, regardless of where they are from Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya.  It’s impartial to say that the massive majority of girls can be marked only at night, and rarely get up before afternoon. They are also brilliant pool players as they have plenty free phase to exercise, and can effortlessly beat anybody at Connect 4 and other such bar games, such as whopping a nail into a tree stub, which is a particular favorite in Phuket’s bars. Sporadically, the bar girls are dotted in the early morning. Discussion with several bar girls, especially those with limited language skills begins with questions such as “where do you come from?” “Can you buy me a drink?” and “are you here alone or with someone else?”

Phuket’s massage girls that can be spotted in Rat-U-Thit Road seem to be the most determined and try their best to pull customers off the street.

Foreigners who speak Thai to a reasonable extent should already know there is often much more to bar girls than they can see with the naked eye. Most of them are a decent natured, joyful group that has seen some hard times in the past. They are in the business and are earning good money perhaps the only way they can. It is found to be very profitable than a tedious workshop job or working in the fields.

Most of Phuket’s bar girls work in and around the Patong Beach, as it is one of the places where there are a lot of tourists and hence where they can make the most money by meeting maximum tourists here. The action is concentrated on the propagation of bars along the famous Bangla Road and the other small lanes that lead around it such as Soi Easy, Soi Sea Dragon, Soi Crocodile and Soi Gonzo. Here one will find thousands of bar girls and also a few lady boys. Employed in many of the tiny bars that are typically open air with flashy music and glowing lights. They have poles strategically located around the bar, and a lot of attractive girls in scanty outfits twisting provocatively and bellowing convincing commentaries such as “handsome man!” or something like “I like you!”. Curiously, every foreign man swiftly becomes unusually attractive while on holiday in Thailand.



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    ets say you want to pay a bar fine take a girl back to your hotel, have a few drinks, have sex once or twice but you re not too fussed whether she stays or not and don t care about whether or not you have sex in the morning. Would that count as ST or LT?

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