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Bar girls Pattaya


Pattaya has made huge efforts to promote its “good old” shady reputation in the past ten years, a little away from its notorious “sex image” and ragged status as a receptacle for professed sex tourism. While admitting that Pattaya now can no longer be condensed to its active nightlife and sex industry, but has achieved to appeal an ever growing number of recreation explorers from all strides of life.  Pattaya’s nightlife and bargirl industry are still flourishing and remain main reason for a large percentage of visitors.

The Pattaya girls have to follow certain rules when the work in bars, especially Go Go bars. They are expected to reach a certain quota, which is mostly five to ten customers every month. However, if they fail to meet that quota, bar owners cut money from their salary as a fine.

Another rule that the Pattaya bargirl has to follow is that they have to meet a quota for the lady drinks, which are bought for them by the customers. If they do not bring the money expected of them from a particular month they have to pay for the missed quota.

Also, they get very few days off which are approximately two or three days a month. Any extra day off is fined, where they have to pay to the bar owner for the lost business of the day. Public holidays and weekends are the best times for their business and hence bargirls never get an off on those days.

The outfits worn by the bargirls is also decided by the bar owners and the girls have to follow the protocol. They are charged a fine in they fail to wear outfits as expected.

Most importantly these girls have to undergo a health checkup every three months to ensure they are not suffering from any STD’s. If they are positive for STD’s they are not paid for a month. Also, they carry this health check card with them, which can be requested by customers to view.

One way for the bargirls to make cash is from tips. Girls expect to be paid tips for the services and these tips should be paid when one pays their bill. Usually one is not expected to pay a lot of tip. At most places one can pay anything between 10 to 50 baht and it will be considered enough. These tips are split between the bargirls at night. Customers can also give tips to the bargirls directly. These tips help them get attention of the girls.

As mentioned earlier, bargirls gain part of their salary from drinks that the customers buy for them. These drinks are commonly referred to as lady drinks.  A customer can buy a drink to the lady and that will be put on his tab of bills. The lady gets a receipt of the drink, which she can later exchange for money as her payment. The lady drinks cost more than the drinks the customer is offered. Also, the drink is sometimes lesser in quantity as they don’t want to girls to be drunk, which may cause the bar owners to lose business.  A lady drink can range from anything the girl wants to a drink set by the bar.

It has also been observed that the ladies are pushy when it comes to buying them the lady drinks. Hence one can go to places where the girls do not ask for the drink but wait for the man to buy it for her. However, once a lady drink is bought, it is assured that the guy will get a lot of attention from the girl. It is a best way to find a nice girl to spend time with.

Mostly all girls in Pattaya working as bargirls have made their own decision to enter this occupation. The cases of girls being forced into this industry are very less. The main reason for them to be bargirls is financial restraints. Many of the bargirls are not educated and have missed out the opportunity to get education because of poor family background. They have to earn money by these means and send it back home to their parents. Many girls do not tell their parents about the job they are doing in Pattaya as it is not a respectable job according to the people.

Many girls enjoy their job, at least the non-sex part. Many of the ladies have their friends or sisters, cousins who work at the same bars and hence have a lot of help getting adjusted to the life. There have been cases of girls who could not deal with such a life, mostly the sex part of it, and left Pattaya soon. But most girls stay as it is the fastest source of income for them.

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