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Thailand Girls

Thailand girls are exotic and many are real sexy, the outcome of a ethnic “mélange” blending over several hundred years. The Thailand girls pics below tell more. There are girls with Chinese background, others with Indian, Myanmar or Burma, Malay, Arab, European and so on.

The country was formerly known as Siam and entertainment, massage and pleasure girls are nothing new it is only merely hyped up by the media to produce headlines since in that business only bad news are good news. The best known related places are Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket, that’s were the virtual music plays.

Thailand ladies working in hospitality

at hotels, beach resorts and in the night shift at the tourist spots, at massage parlors, as singer, dancer and all imaginable other entertainment. The education in the country is below average and everyone who can afford it sends the kids for education abroad because of this, there are thousands of young Thailand girls studying in Australia, England, US, Singapore etc. to get some reasonable education, but only rich parents can afford this and this is only a very small part of Thai people, Because of this education problem it is very difficult to earn money in Thailand, competition and copying is incredible. What is the result, the ladies go into jobs which won’t need any special education and now we are automatically in the famous Thailand nightlife business where the girls get the jobs within their possibilities and this are Thai bar girls who have fun doing the their job to make the foreigners happy and earn money with, it’s virtually called to bang two birds with one stone. On top of it they serve a very social purpose because they are the money earner of families who live somewhere in northern Thailand, three generations in one hose, also they want a bit of the good life, maybe a new TV, a motor scooter and a mobile phone, well the girls who go to work in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Hat Yai and other tourist destination send the money home to satisfy this demands. What could be better for a guy who comes to Thailand with an adventure feeling for great holidays and a little other adventure of the type let’s play together.That’s the time a cute Thai girl come into the picture and get him moving, most of the guys who come to the country never had an experience that the lady take the initiative and get things going, it’s very seldom elsewhere but with Thailand ladies in many nightclubs, bars, massage parlors and under the table in the bar in the hope nobody can see it, it’s business as usual.

Crazy Thai Girls

How to find a good Thai girl

Thai women are super jelous

Thai ladies are better than white chicks

Thailand Girls
Beautiful Asian Lady

the ladies like it
She likes it to be on the job

Thailand Nightclub Girls
Thailand nightclub girls are open minded

Thailand nightclub girls
In a Phuket nightclub for entertainment


That’s human nature so what? Probably some ugly “western” women who never were able to get a guy over are against it plus Taliban and other fundamentalists, the worst are these self-gooders.

Since there is no social security in the country someone must earn money the family can depend on, when kids are sick or to buy something for house in the far north.

Exotic women are the dream of many guys

and al in all exotic nature is always in everyone likes it, well and that’s the reason why millions of guys from all over the world flock to places like the former Siam and have a look, often a very close look. Many dream the whole year of great holidays with beach, girls, bars and fun in Asia but not only in Asia there are enough fun places on earth to have a good time, example are various cities in Brazil such as Rio, Kenya with Mombassa and other places. Philippines is not so bad and cute Myanmar model girls from a nightclub in Yangon or Mandalay could be a great alternative.In our fast world where all places are only a couple of hours flying time away no place on earth is a distant myth anymore. Tropical countries with Sun Sea and cute ladies are within everyone’s reach.

Thailand girls, we talk here of persons over 18 years, are some of the most gorgeous and friendliest women not only in Asia but globally. The possibility to date them at almost every place in Thailand, but preferable in the nightlife scene is overwhelming. Some of the premier attraction with them is femininity and the Asian beauty, they look pretty, often wear a nice dress and look sexy even as the proportions are rather flat and the height hardly reach 170cm, that’s nothing special, it’s the food they get as kids which won’t boost growing since no much proteins.

Every year thousands of men

from all over the globe come to the country to have a look for the ladies, either for short time purposes and other who search for a wife who won’t make too many problems. Whether you are 20 or 60 years old, it’s no big deal to find a attractive women to meet and more.

The country is packed with many countless pretty ladies who are willing to go the extra mile for various reasons. No need to look around at the beaches such as beach Phuket for Thai ladies, they very seldom visit a beach because they are very afraid to get a dark skin and even when you spot some of them they mostly wear a full dress even when jumping in the water. Pretty women can be found at many places such as shopping malls and similar places but the best places to have a look are the nightlife areas at the tourist spots such as Patong Phuket, Pattaya Walking Strret and some places in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Ko Samui, Hat Yai ot maybe Sadao at the Thai Malaysian border. Most ladies have a youthful and fun loving attitude; they call it “Sanook”.

Thailand Girls
Thailand bar girls gambling for the guy in a Phuket nightclub