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Thai Show Girls

Thai Show Girls

Thai show girls are together with bar ladies the spices in the nightlife, they entertain the people and make sure everyone have a good time and hope they get something in return. Often shows are dominated by ladyboys because they have a taller body and look similar to women.

But this kind of “hybrids” are somehow dangerous because where they are small crime is rampant, means stealing anything which has a value and is quickly reachable. This is not with everyone but with many.


The domain of show girls are some places called “cafe”

which are actually karaoke bars, this concept has been imported and copied as many other things from Japan. This is more or less the Thai style of nightlife and nightclubs, the stuff we see at the go-go bars at Patong in Phuket, Patpong, Nana Plaza etc. in Bangkok and at Pattaya’s Walking Street was imported during the Vietnam war by people for entertaining the US GI’s, after they where gone the tourists took over, the entertainment stayed the same.

Here are some Phuket Show Girls

which are more or less the same in any other city of the country.

Thai Christmas Show
Thai Christmas Show Girls                  

pretty karaoke singer

Thai Christmas Show

Pretty karaoke singer

ladyboy karaoke singer

Ladyboy karaoke singer

Sexy Karaoke Girls

Sexy Karaoke Girls at Phuket Town

Sexy Show Girls
Sexy Show Girls in a Phuket Nightclub
Sexy Santa Christmas Show
Sexy Santa Christmas Show

phuket show girlsphuket show girls

thailand show girlsthailand show girlsthailand show girls

pink lady 2002 Karaokepink lady 2002

Pink lady 2002 Karaoke at Phuket Thailand

Thai Party GirlsThai Party Girls

Thai Party Girls

Phuket Sex Show
Phuket Sexy Show