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Coyote girls are a wonderful thing here in Thailand. Often popular local bars will run promotions where they will have a great beer deal and have 5 or 10 coyote dancers. A coyote dancer is a 18-25 year old hot girl who usually works for some sort of agency and she will get hired out to local bars all over Thailand. Their job is obviously to entertain the drinkers by wearing extremely skimpy outfits, dancing, and just showing everyone a good time.

Coyote dancers are extremely outgoing. They dance on stage, they dance on the bars, they dance on top of cars, they just love the attention! They are usually happy with letting guys feel all over their bodies, grabbing their tits and asses, and will probably feel all over you in return. They love to get drunk and get wild, this is what they are paid for!

You can also find coyote clubs, which is basically a strip club set up usually with a huge bar. The girls will put on dance routines on the stage and dance on the bars. These places in my experience are generally a rip off and very overpriced, and usually a small crowd. You are much better off finding a place like I mentioned above, a local bar who is doing a coyote promotion. This might save you a thousand baht or more.

Hooking up with a coyote girl is usually pretty easy, depending on where you find them. If you are at a designated, strictly coyote bar, you can bar fine a girl, but they wont come nearly as cheap as a karaoke girl or a go-go girl. Your best bet is to meet one at a bar running a promotion and chat one up. You can generally hook up with a coyote girl for free this way. These are very open girls and they have a lot of money, so they probably wont ask for any cash if they like you!

Coyote Dancing
Coyote Dancing in Phuket Town at Buddy Cafe

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