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How to get a girlfriend in Thailand

Are you a single male looking for a beautiful Thai girlfriend?  

We get so many men asking us how to get a girlfriend in Thailand! without the pain and hassle of getting hurt or played for money. Our girls are generally looking for a man to settle down with, and are more than happy to relocate to a foreign country. Please note Thai girls will not move to India or Pakistan!


how to get a girlfriend in Thailand

This guy got himself a Thai girlfriend

How to start a relationship with a girl if you are not in Thailand?

If you are not in Thailand but are interested in finding true love with a Thai girl it is a good idea to first build a friendship with a girl, whether it be by Whats app, Skype or Line. Getting to know them before you decide if you would like to spend the rest of your life together is very important. So once you have been chatting and getting along good with one of our girls the next step is planning your trip to Thailand. Some girls might even be happy to fly out to your home city to meet you. They will be more than happy to treat you like a KING. Thai women love to take care of their man, cooking lovely Thai dishes, cleaning up after you and of course Thai girls are excellent in the bedroom!

It is very important to keep in contact with your Thai girlfriend everyday! as they are very loving and affectionate towards the man they are in love with and can get upset and even jealous if you are not speaking with them each day.


Some tips for finding a Thai girlfriend.


  • Have own house. Thai women hate men still living with parents.
  • Must be clean and take pride in your appearance.
  • Thai girls love sex and expect it every night from their man.
  • Don’t make them convert to your religion. Thai woman love Buddha only and will not convert to Islam or Hinduism.
  • Must support them financially.
  • Drink alcohol, Thai girls love a drink and a dance.
  • Must have a Thai or western style wedding. No crazy hindu weddings. Thai girls LOVE beef.
  • Wine and dine. Must take Thai girls out to nice restaurants.
how to get a thailand girlfriend experience

You have a Thailand girlfriend

Countries Thai girls are attracted to

Thailand is a very beautiful and clean country. So why would a nice Thai woman give up the beautiful beaches of Phuket for the dirty slums of India or Pakistan? Many Indian and Arab men think it is easy to find a Thai girl, when in fact Thai girls hate both Indian and Arab men with a passion! We get hundreds of these dirty men rudely emailing us each day. You must be from a respectable country with a decent income and a good lifestyle.

Counties including:

  • England
  • USA
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Western Europe
  • Scandinavia

These are good clean and respectable countries that Thai woman would be happy to move to, start a family and have a bright future. We have many past girls with men from these countries that are happily married and have a successful career. Countries that Thai girls will  not go move to or even visit are any Islamic or Hindu countries such as.

  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Iran
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Bangladesh
  • Sri Lanka
  • Indonesia
  • Turkey
  • Egypt

Girls that have tried to live in these type of countries have experienced hell like living conditions, the lifestyle and culture is just so different and strict from the Thai relaxed and happy way of life. Therefore Thai girls now know not to go anywhere near men from these parts of the world.

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    Hi, thanks for the sharing. I do agree that no matter Malaysian Indians or indian men from India I would say they have a freaking low class mentality and they do not pay respect to ladys. I am a doctor been practicing for more then 5 years in Australia. i have seen so many cases of unlucky ladys being with low educate indian men’s. I have visited sadoa and hatyai several times. I just love the country so much. The respect is there and the humbleness is there. But, i am not sure on how to reach a women for a life commitment. Let’s see who can help me out.

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