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Hat Yai Girls

Hat Yai Girls

Hat Yai Girls are living in the third largest city in Thailand behind Bangkok and Chiang Mai. The place is about 50 km north of the Thailand Malaysian boundary at Sadao and Padang Besar. Since many guys from Malaysia want to have some fun in the night the hotels plus nightclubs, karaoke lounges bars and more make good business. Nightlife is sizzling and the ladies are the spice in it.

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Hundreds of them hang around in the nightclubs, massage parlors, bars, streets, specially in the down town area etc. and wait for the guys to come and be entertained, this is not as great as Phuket entertainment but also not bad.

The whole nightlife business got a push forward since Tiger Airways introduced budget flight out of Singapore Changi Airport to Hat Yai making a short pleasure trip a matter of two or three travel hours. Even a bus to Hat Yai from any bigger city in southern Thailand can’t compete in terms of travel time.

A bus to Hat Yai is available in various towns in south Thailand, Bangkok, Phuket, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and Penang. There are excellent restaurants in the city with very special Chinese food. Actually this place is a predominantly Chinese city, everywhere their letters are visible. It’s even more than at Kuala Lumpur’s China Town. This is an old outpost of trading and as we know where there are Chinese people there is great nightlife, gambling and some other stuff. Best visible at Shanghai nightlife after all this dull years of the mad communists.

Songkhla is to the east with a cultural heritage which is practically not existing in the other city.

Hat Yai Bar Girls
Hat Yai Show Ladies performing at Pink Lady Cafe

Hat Yai Nightclub Girls
Coming by bus to Hat Yai for some

Hat Yai Ladies
entertainment and more.

They do a good job entertaining the guys and and earn sometimes quite some money.

If they like them the buy flower garlands for them and the ladies sit down with them. Its not seldom that a guy spend up to around $ 300-400 (Baht equivalent) on flower garlands. Maybe he won in the lottery.


Sadao Girls
Sadao karaoke girls laze around

A bit further to the south is Sadao

a border town at the Thai – Malaysian boundary. It is much smaller, actually only a village but with a vibrant nightlife scene at Danok. They come from all over Thailand to make some money in the nightclubs and karaoke bars. There are also several bid hall discos and other nightlife oriented venues.

Some also have a night show program. Everything is done to do a great night entertainment and the guys fromMalaysia across the border are “rolling in”, they also want fun not only state TV.

Its always amazing what kind of business people can do with a bit of creativity and keeping strange philosophies out.

On the other side in the capital of Malaysia which is Kuala Lumpur or KL

they also have interesting bars, nightclubs and more. In  particular the “Beach Club” in KL is probably the best nightclub, bar and disco crossover in Malaysia and as good as any in Bangkok or elsewhere, all this is at Jalan P. Ramlee, the right address for your next KL visit, only about 500km further south.

Hat Yai Girls
Hat Yai Girls

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