Do Thai Girls Like Malaysian Men? | Thai Girls

Do Thai Girls Like Malaysian Men?

Do Thai Girls Like Malaysian Men?

Do Thai Girls Like Malaysian Men?

Malaysia is a small Muslim nation next to Thailand and Singapore. Many Malaysian men travel to Thailand every year in search of a beautiful Thai lady, sometimes only for one night.

Thailand girls are very different to Malaysian girls because they are Buddhist and for Buddhists, sex is not as important as it is for Muslims. Thai girls do not wear Hijab or Niqab so they can let their hair down all the time. In Malaysia, girls often wear hijab and long pants and long sleeved shirts, because they interpret the Koran this way.

More importantly, Thai girls also wear bikini and low cut tops where they can let people see half of their boobs and some hair if they forget to shave. Thai girls like to show their body so that they can attract more men. Sometimes, Thai girls have very nice face but small boobs. On the other-hand, some Thai girls have ugly faces so they show more and more of their body.

Thai girls wear shorts too. Malaysian men tend to wear pants and robes. Malaysia women always wear long pants and long sleeves. If you are a Malaysian man reading this, you understand how boring it is to see ladies wearing cotton instead of ladies wearing tight shorts and tight bra. Here are some examples:

Thai Ladies on the Metro Vs. Malaysian ladies on the KL metro

Muslim women in Kuala Lumpur always cover their body. Bangkok ladies wear very tight shorts, sometimes too tight.

Hat Yai is not a very popular tourist destination for Australian, English, German or Russian tourist and backpackers because Hat Yai is VERY dangerous for white men. Many countries do not allow their citizens to go to Hat Yai, and if they do, they cannot get Travel Insurance. What does this mean? It means that the only tourists in Hat Yai are from Malaysia and you will feel like you are still in Malaysia!

Australian Government says "DO NOT GO TO HAT YAI"

Australian Government says “DO NOT GO TO HAT YAI”

So, do Thai Ladies Like Malaysian Men or NOT?

Yes, Thai ladies like Malaysian men. Why? Because they are good men with good heart. Not always, however. Malaysia has many business men because they are in a very good position and speak very good English. Thai girls do not have good English because the Education system is not so good in Thailand. Education in Malaysia is very good compared to Indonesia and Bangkok.

In Phuket you will find many Mosques and many Madrassa. These are sometimes located right next to Massage shops where men can go and pay for sexual acts to be performed during their massage. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can have sex with the massage girls, usually with a condom. This is common in Thailand and common in Hat Yai too. If you are a Malaysian Businessman, or even a poor Malaysian man, can you imagine going to morning prayer and then having sex soon after in the same street?? This is okay in Thailand, and you can find many mosques and massage parlours (happy ending) in Hat Yai.

Thai food and Malaysia food are similar too, so if Malaysian men decide to marry a Thai lady, she can cook food that he will Enjoy. This is not the same for China or Japanese ladies, their food is very different to Thai food. Thai Women love to cook and make the husband feel good and full (happy life), if you do not love your Thai Girlfriend’s cooking skills, then she will never love you.

Thailand Versus Malaysia Food

Which one is Thai Food? The top image in Malaysian food, and the bottom image is Thailand food. Your new Thai wife can cook very good.

How do you know if a Thai Lady loves you? You need to talk to her on Line. If you are a Malaysian man going to Thailand for a few days, you will need Line. Thai people are fun people and chat using many stickers. Sometimes they ONLY talk with stickers because they like to have fun. If you go to Thailand, make sure to download Line before you go and maybe even buy some stickers because Thai lady like to see you have money to buy stickers. Some Thai girls use Whatsapp but they prefer to use Line because they talk to their family and friends using Line. You will feel like their family.

Thailand Normal Line Sticker Set to talk to thai girls

Thailand Normal Line Sticker Set to talk to thai girls

If you don’t know what to say to Thai girl, just send her stickers and she will play along. It doesn’t matter if she is 20 years old, 30 years old, or even 100 years old Thai Lady, she will still talk to you with stickers. Malaysia uses Whatsapp most of the time, so you should also get this app.

Whatsapp is the most popular talking app in Malaysia. Thai girls use Line so you need to download Line.

Whatsapp is the most popular talking app in Malaysia. Thai girls use Line so you need to download Line.

Do you agree that Thai Girls like Malaysian guys? Please write your comments below and let us know about your experiences with Thai girls in Hat Yai.

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