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Sadao Girls

Sadao Girls in the nightlife business

Sadao girls in the nightlife business are mainly oriented towards the Malaysian guys who come on a trip from neighboring Malaysia since they getting bored there.  At the Thai side they wont get bored that’s the difference. Girls are pretty, some karaoke and go go bars are around which makes life already somehow more attractive. They from all over the country some even from Burma to get a share of the pleasure cake.

Its easy to travel there a bus can be found anywhere in southern Thailand since Hat Yai is only about 50km away and the border is in the town means plenty of traffic. This is a typical place for karaoke in Thailand and nightlife, bars and clubs are plenty.

But not only people from the main two bigger cities which are Hat Yai and Songkhla make this trip they even come from Kuala Lumpur, Penang Georgetown and Singapore since there was a flight introduced from Singapore Change airport to Hat Yai and from there it’s not far, news of the great girls travel fast.

From time to time a festival starts and more people means more business. There are a couple of go go or coyote clubs, some street girls hang around just at the road side but the business is mainly done in dozens of karaoke bars and massage parlors.

Sadao Girls
Karaoke in Thailand with Sadao girls take the bus to Sadao

Most people never heard about Sadao which actually is the main border crossing town right at the boundary, there is another crossing at Padang Besar but not much is going on there since the main through road runs through Hat Yat and further down to Sadao.

One of the main supply of people

for the nightlife bars etc. is the fact that the border is closed at 11pm and opens again at 5am, so what the people should do who get stranded.

There are some Sadao hotels, also big ones but often people just make the night through and continuo in the morning.