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Bangkok Women

Bangkok women play a important role to keep the city running

Bangkok women play a vital part in town at every level. Some of the successful Thai companies are run by women. They are they ones who keep things going when the others make plenty of noise.

As it is visible at the pics here there are so many of the skinny Thai girls anymore a change in nutrition over the last two decades brought up different proportions.

Since times got better over the last decades more meat is consumed such as (muu = pork) and the body extends horizontal. But as usual in Thailand they do it the wrong way around, instead giving the kids more pork and potatoes to get them taller, they give the rice and vegetable which has no growing nutrition factors.


When they are grown up they eat what they should have eaten

more early with the effect of getting fat.

Bangkok Women
Bangkok women are not much different to the others elsewherem, actually most of them come from upcountry.

Bangkok Women
Bangkok ladyboys is something special

Bangkok Girls Pictures

Bangkok Girls come from every corner of the country