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Go Go Girls & Coyote Girls

Thai go go girls might be the definition of what people see as the Thai prostitute. Its probably exactly what people think of when they think of “bad” Thai girls, or partying at a bar in Thailand whether they know the name or not. A go go bar is a place filled with girls. Its a lot like a strip club in the west, but all of the girls are for sale!

When you walk into a go go, you will take a seat and a waitress will sell you a drink. You will usually see 3 or 4 girls on stage, or in some of the bigger go go’s in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket, you might even see upto 10 girls on stage. All will be wearing a g-string and a bikini top or a bra. Some go go bars like to do themes, like nurses, police officers, leopards, things like this, all super sexy of course. Off stage you will probably see around 10 or 15 girls who rotate on stage. These girls who are off stage might come up to you and try to chat with you, ask you for a drink, and sit with you. You can also go grab one if you find one to your liking. They will be more than happy if you do this.

Once you pick a girl you like, you will generally hang out with them for a little while, have a few drinks and chat with them a bit. Most go-go girls will generally have decent English because chatting is half of their job. If you guys end up liking eachother, which is more often than not, you can negotiate a price with her to take her home. You will have to negotiate how long you will want to be with her. This can range from 1 hour to all night, even for a week! Everything is for sale in Thailand. Price will very depending on which city and go go bar you are in, and it also depends on how hot she is. If the girl you choose is a 10, she will probably be triple or more the price as the average girls in the bar. Once you have the price worked out the girl will call over the mamasan and you will have to bar fine her, this means pay a little fee to the bar to take her home.

Go Go Girls
Go Go Girls

Here are some of the best Go-Go Girls in Phuket

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